Starting a home office can be surprisingly expensive. Finding the right equipment for employees to use can be a sometimes-difficult task for purchasing professionals. It gets even worse when you’re stuck dealing with salespeople who have great intentions, but a not-so-great knowledge base. Ever been there before? We sure have.

And we didn’t want to go there ever again. At A Great Office, we figured there had to be others like us out there that had been getting the run-around when trying to find the right combination of value and quality. After researching our needs, we decided to put together this little site to help everyone else who might be walking the same path we were once on.

Here’s What You’ll Find at A Great Office

This isn’t a site dedicated to sticky notes, paper clips, and which package of pens won’t run out of ink on you when you need to sign something. A Great Office is about providing you with the foundation of what your office needs to enhance productivity. Here is what you will find.

  • Computer peripherals. High quality keyboards and mice can help to make you or your employees more productive because they cause less wear and tear on the human body.
  • The best office chairs. You can get an incredible deal on ergonomic office chairs today. When a person is fully supported by their chair, it creates less mental fatigue. In return, you get more productivity AND creativity.
  • Incredible office furniture. A great office chair is nothing without a complimentary computer desk. 

We also look at innovative technologies that could literally transform the way you do business. Imagine having a kneeling chair that could take all of the pressure off of the lower back so that 2 hours of work seems like 20 minutes. That’s a reality with what you’ll find at A Great Office today.

Don’t Forget About Our Helpful Guides 

Worker productivity goes beyond the structure of an office chair or a desk that is at a proper height. The design of an office can either enhance productivity or it can lead to distractions. Certain office equipment can increase the risks of workers suffering injuries within the workplace. Even a lack of emphasis on workplace ergonomics can increase overall costs because of strains, sprains, and other positional injuries.

Let’s not forget about office decorating either. You can create a bold statement with how you decorate an office and inspire everyone to work harder. Your home office design can inspire you to stay focused. The right decorating scheme is inviting. If it is not, then the best office equipment in the world won’t be able to save productivity levels.

The time to take a new look at your old office is right now. A few simple changes could make a big difference in your creative output. Improve productivity, have fun at work, and come home without the same pain in the neck and lower back you’ve always had. If you’ve got questions, at A Great Office we’ve got answers. Let’s go explore.

Image Credit: Flickr.