Your creativity might be the foundation of the work you produce, but your office chair is the foundation of how you create that productivity. The best office chair will support your posture, be comfortable when sitting for prolonged periods of time, and endure the rigors of daily wear and tear. This guide will provide you with the best office chair reviews so you can find the perfect chair to meet all of your needs.

The Best Chart for Office Chairs

Which office chairs are right for you? The chart below can quickly help you sort out the best office chairs that will meet your needs so you can find perfection in a glance.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
GreenForest Modern Swivel High Back Office Chair4.4$$$
High Back Executive4.2$$$$
Boss Fabric Deluxe Posture Armless Task Chair4.3$$
Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair4.3$$$$$+
GreenForest Mesh Boss Task Chair for Office or Computer Desk, Black4.3$$
SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat4.4$$$$$+
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair with Leather Seat and Nylon Base4.3$$$$
OSP Designs Deluxe Finish Wood Bankers Chair with Wood Seat4.1$$$$$
basyx by HON Task Chair for Office or Computer Desk4.3$$$
Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair4.1$$

What Key Features Should I Look For In an Office Chair?

Office chairs are more than just a place to sit so work can get done. They are also a visual component of any office space. This means the best office chairs will not only be comfortable, but they’re going to look good as well. You’ll want to evaluate each of these specific features in the office chair reviews.

  • Lumbar support. Your lower back needs a lot of support throughout the day. The best chairs have adjustable lumbar supports so that the chair can be customized to each user. This prevents common back strains that occur for jobs which require prolonged sitting.
  • Adjustable features. Many office chairs can be raised or lowered based on the needs of the individual sitting in it. The best chairs may have more than a dozen different adjustments to provide supports for proper posture. Arm width and height and the seat angle are usually the two most important features to look at.
  • Chair base. Not all office chairs have a base with wheels. If workers need to move about their desk to grab items, mobility is very important. Don’t forget to get carpet-friendly wheels or put down carpet protecting mats for the chairs. 

The components of the office chair should also be breathable in some way. Metal or plastic chairs tend to have an open web design that allows for air to pass through the chair so sweating along the back and legs is prevented. Fabric should be light and breathable as well. A supportive chair can prevent fatigue and create higher levels of productivity, which is why finding the best office chair with the right features is such a critical task. 

How Do I Know I’ve Found the Office Chair That’s Right For Me? 

Just like you’d test drive a vehicle before buying it, you’re going to want to test drive an office chair once you get it put together in your home. Sitting in a chair in a store isn’t a test drive. You’ve got to see how the chair looks in your home office, how it feels after using it, and if the size and space of the chair work to meet your needs.

As you settle into your preferred office chair, take note of where the arm rests happen to be. They should be close to your body while still allowing for movement. The height of the arms, if not adjustable, should put your elbows at a 90 degree angle with the desktop surface. If you need to raise the chair in order to do so and this brings your feet off the ground, then you’ll either need to have a foot rest installed or a better chair brought into your office.

The back of your preferred office chair should also come to the middle of your shoulder blades in order to provide proper support. If you need to sit in an awkward position for the chair to work or if your office chair is not providing a foundation for proper posture, then the best option is to return the chair and try out another one.

Why Is Having the Best Office Chair So Important? 

Whether you sit in your office chair for two hours or for 8 hours, it only takes a few minutes for fatigue to set in. You can tell if your office chair isn’t providing you with the right level of support because your back and neck will begin to hurt or feel like you’ve been exercising them. You may feel a burning that begins in your hamstrings and spreads up to your lower back. Sometimes this occurs because of posture habits, but more often than not, the chair is to blame.

The wrong office chair can create back and neck injuries that are severe enough that they can keep you or your co-workers at home. Instead of using sick days to recover, the best office chair can provide better supports so that you don’t have to recover every evening after a long day at work.

Having the best office chair also means that the productivity curve doesn’t drop as steeply throughout the day. Most people have about 2-4 hours of solid productivity when they first wake up and then the natural fatigue from the day lessens that productivity until it bottoms out and sleep is required. A poor office chair that requires people to spend energy because there is no posture support hastens this curve and creates higher levels of fatigue.

When people are tired, that’s when injuries happen. That’s why many of the best office chairs wind up being a neutral expense. When compared to the costs of worker’s comp due to injuries, there is no denying the benefits of sitting in a great chair that meets personal needs.

What Are the Prices of Office Chairs Today? 

When shopping for the best office chair on sites like Amazon, there are many solid options that can be found for less than $100. Executive office chairs may range anywhere from the $300 range to above $750 depending on the materials that have been used. For the average worker or to meet the needs of a home office, a chair that is in the $150-$250 range is usually suitable to meet most needs and still be durable enough to support long-term daily wear and tear.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

Alera Elusion

With a mesh back and adjustable arms, it is easy to get nice and cozy while sitting in this particular office chair. We really enjoy how breathable this chair happens to be. The contoured seat cushion is also a nice addition. The fabric is dark and easy enough to clean with spills and the basic ergonomics help this chair to conform to the postures of several users. This isn’t an executive office chair by any means, but as an affordable daily use chair, it has a lot going for it.

Best Office Executive PU Computer Chair

It’s clear to see why this office chair is a #1 seller on Amazon so frequently. It is visually nice, providing the appearance of a high backed executive chair without the premium price tag. The cushioning on the chair is rather firm, so you’re not going to sink in and feel like it’s difficult to get out of the chair. It swivels 3609 degrees, has an adjustable seat height, but the arms are not adjustable. It’s heavy once it is assembled, so make sure if it is on carpet, you protect your carpet.

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Boss Armless Office Chair

For long-term work, an armless office chair is generally not recommended. For those daily meetings and for simple tasks, however, this highly affordable chair can meet all of your needs. It does have a 250 pound weight limit, however, so it may not be right for everyone. This of this highly breathable chair as a task chair more than an office chair. It offers a pneumatic seat height adjustment for some customization and double wheel castors in the standard 5 point design give you the mobility that you need.

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Flash Furniture Ergonomic Office Chair

At first glimpse, this office chair doesn’t look like it can do much for you. Once you sit in it, however, the compact design and attention to detail becomes very apparent. It’s made with a heavy duty nylon base that will help you navigate around the desk. The material of the chair itself is made from a combination of polyurethane and leather to create a soft, comfortable feeling. The cushion is made from a fire retardant foam. It’s a solid office chair at a great price.

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Hon Basic Task Chair

Most task chairs aren’t going to stand up to daily use, but this model from Hon defies that trend. It has been made with a sandwich mesh upholstery that is remarkable comfortable. Not only is there the classic up and down adjustment, but the seat can also tilt and lock in order to better meet user needs. It can even recline if necessary for added comfort. Backed by a clear 5 year warranty, the reputation that Hon has created for great office furniture is only enhanced by this particular model.

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The best office chair can help you work faster and better. If you’re tired of coming home at the end of the day with pain in your back or neck, then use this guide to select a better office chair. When you do, then there could be no limit to where your creativity could take you.