After sitting at your desk for a few hours, do you find yourself suffering from intense back or neck pain? The design of the kneeling chair is designed to help take the pressure off your back immediately to give you relief. They may take a little getting used to since they are very different from the standard office chair, but once you try one out, you’ll never go back to the same way of sitting ever again.

The Best Chart for Kneeling Chairs 

Some kneeling chairs have backs to them. Some come with a rocking chair design. Others have casters like a standard office chair. Which one is right for you? The helpful chart below will help you begin picking out the features you’ll want to see in your new kneeling chair.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair3.8$$
Office Star Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with Casters4.1$$
Variable Balans The Original Kneeling Chair3.5$$$$$+
Boss Ergonomic Kneeling Stool3.5$
Jobri Grey Jazzy Chrome Deluxe Kneeling Chair5.0$$$$$+
Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Chair3.4$$
Flash Furniture Ergonomic Kneeling Chair3.6$$

What Is a Kneeling Chair and Why Would I Need One? 

Kneeling chairs have become popular over the last couple of years especially because they provide a highly affordable ergonomic option for pain relief. The design of these chairs is rather unique as it places the weight on your shins and knees more than it does on your sitting bones. The end result is better posture, less back pain almost immediately, and many people report improved performance at work.

Kneeling chairs are not for everyone. Even though there is extensive padding on a kneeling chair, those who have past knee problems will not likely benefit from the experience. The pain from placing weight on the joint can be more severe than the weight on the sitting bones may already be causing. 

The reason why kneeling chairs work is because they naturally place you at a declining angle instead of the traditional 90 degree angle of the standard office chair. It provides more space for the hips and encourages them to stay lengthened instead of contracting over time like a standard office chair. Add in the price advantage that comes with the ergonomic benefit and a kneeling chair becomes a great solution.

Why Do I Need a Kneeling Chair? 

Kneeling chairs eliminate back pain almost immediately. This is because the upper body is positioned automatically into a better ergonomic alignment. For most people, when there isn’t a back rest for added support, the response is to enter into a correct posture instead. Slouching can still cause back pain in a kneeling chair, but it is much more difficult to slouch because of the innovative design of this furniture.

For the average office worker, about 75% of their waking hours are going to be spent sitting down in some way. When we sit, we tend to have our worst possible posture. If you’re not slouching, then there’s a good chance that you’re reclining back to look at your computer screen. Kneeling chairs place you into a better position and help you create a better posture habit that goes with you even when you’re not sitting.

How Do I Find the Best Kneeling Chair For Me? 

There are a wide variety of styles and designs available for this unique chair. That’s why having the best kneeling chair reviews on hand is such a useful benefit. Think of these reviews as a tool that can be used to find the best possible product to meet your needs. What works for others may not work for you, which is why giving a personal consideration to each bit of information is so important.

What are some key points to watch for in the kneeling chair reviews? Look for these specific features.

  • Height adjustment. Some kneeling chairs are a one-sized-fits-all type of product. Others have unique height adjustment pegs or settings that can be used to place you at the position you need to be. If you need a tall setting, however, be sure to look at the quality of the kneeling cushion.
  • Cushion construction. Because you’re both kneeling and sitting with this type of chair, the materials that make up the cushion are an equally important evaluation. Memory foam cushions tend to be the best, but other high density options can be just as good. This is an area where you’re not going to want to compromise.
  • Base features. Some kneeling chairs have rollers on them that can be awkward for some office environments. Others have wooden bases that may not stand up to big and tall individuals. Some even have the traditional 5 star base that other office chairs happen to have. 

There is a kneeling chair that is right for you and priced at a point you can afford. The kneeling chair reviews found here can help you locate the perfect chair that meets your needs. 

What Are Some Common Problems With Kneeling Chairs? 

The biggest problem isn’t within the construction of the chair itself. For many people, the standard office chair has been their primary seating arrangement for as long as they can remember. Adjusting to a new way of sitting can sometimes be difficult to do.

Some computer desks are not designed for the innovative kneeling chairs either. These chairs tend to sit people a little lower than the standard office chair does. Height adjustments can resolve this issue, but for shorter individuals, it could create an uncomfortable experience. 

What Are the Prices of Kneeling Chairs? 

Kneeling chairs are a remarkably affordable alternative to the modern office chair. High quality kneeling chairs that are the best in the industry today can often be found for right around $100. There are lower cost options available that still provide good ergonomic supports for those who are budget conscious. Higher priced models tend to offer some premium features that may not always be needed.

That’s why Amazon is our preferred site when shopping for kneeling chairs. It offers an easy way to sort through the various features to get to the preferred chair needed.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Flash Furniture Mobile Ergonomic Chair

This kneeling chair might just be the gold standard of the new kneeling chair. It features a gray fabric upholstery that is durable and comfortable. Even wearing shorts isn’t an issue with this specific chair. The frame itself is made from wood, but that doesn’t affect the durability of the chair. The height adjustments are peg-based and could be improved a little, but overall we were highly satisfied with the user experience that this chair provided.

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Office Star Work Smart Knee Chair

With a memory foam seat cushion, we were quite excited to take a look at this particular kneeling chair. For the most part, it doesn’t disappoint. The one thing we did notice is that those who are used to a side entry seating experience will have a learning experience if the chair isn’t immobilized. The seat can be adjusted a total of about 6 inches in height when needed. There was some discomfort after a few hours of sitting, but that can be said for just about any office chair. It’s a great price for an innovative chair.

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Varier Furniture Balans Kneeling Chair

This is the original kneeling chair and it has a price tag to match. Don’t get it wrong – we love the wool fabric upholstery and the beech wood rocker base. It is a sturdy chair that promotes better spine alignment in just about anyone who would sit in it. The one issue we have with this chair is the split leg supports. Instead of it being a bench-style cushion, each leg is independently supported. The weight capacity is just 200 pounds as well and it doesn’t really take weight away from the sitting bones, so it gets props for being first and it could be right for you, but it wasn’t right for us.

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Jobri Jazzy

When it comes to a deluxe kneeling chair, most people point to the Jobri Jazzy for good reason. It fuses together the standard office chair design and the kneeling chair design together to create one great product. It does have a chair back, but that can be removed. For those who are over 6 feet tall, this chair might bunch up your body, but otherwise this chair is surprisingly comfortable. It’s relaxing, places you in the proper position, and your shins don’t even notice the extra weight.

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Flash Furniture Kneeling Chair with Back & Handles

First off, this kneeling chair is stationary, which makes it good for first time users. It also offers a back support and side handles for easier ins and outs with this chair. Add in the angle adjustments and the height adjustable frame and you’ve got a lot of value that comes with this chair. It’s 25 inches wide and upholstered with a black polyester fabric. Once you get used to the positioning, we found you’ll probably want to get rid of the back support. Otherwise this product works just fine.

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The best kneeling chair can make you change how you think about sitting down at the office. Use the kneeling chair reviews found here, compare and contrast models with the chart above, and you’ll find the best chair at the best price today.