Do you spend hours in front of your computer working or playing games? When you’re finished with what you’re doing, does it feel like your joints are on fire? A bad computer chair does more than become a pain in the neck. It can cause your knees to hurt, cause nerve issues in your wrists, and even lead to problematic headaches. The good news is that when you know how to find the best computer chair, all of these issues can become memories.

The Best Chart for Computer Chairs

Everyone looks for something a little different in their version of the best computer chair. The chart below will help you to quickly compare and contrast features so that you can find the best chair possible.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Alera Swivel Task Chair4.4$$
basyx by HON Task Chair for Office or Computer Desk4.3$$
Space Air Grid Deluxe Task Chair4.2$$$$$
GreenForest Mid-Back Mesh Task and Computer Chair4.1$$
Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair4.2$$$$$
Merax High-Back Ergonomic4.0$$$$$
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Leather Task and Computer Chair3.8$$$
Boss Leather Plus Posture Task Chair4.1$$
]The HON Company Volt Series Task Chair4.4$$$
Flash Furniture High Back Executive4.1$$$$$

Why Is the Best Computer Chair So Important?

The computer chair is perhaps the most important piece of furniture that exists in your home today. Most people spend more time in their computer chairs than they do sleeping in their bed. A chair that doesn’t help to support someone is a chair that is going to cause muscle fatigue, strains, and pains that can become extremely bothersome. The best computer chair helps to make those issues go away.

The benefits you gain from a quality computer chair do more than improve your comfort levels. They can actually relieve chronic aches and pains that may exist. It can also help to reduce the feelings of tiredness that develop over the course of the day. The average person has 2-4 hours of solid productivity every day in virtually any situation. The best computer chair can help to extend that time.

Whether you are shopping for your home office, your desk at work, or for your dedicated room of video games, it is important to find accredited computer chairs. The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association [BIFMA] tests all chairs before they get to the general market and lets people know how they performed. This is the easiest way to guarantee that you’ve got a great product that provide the benefits you want to have.

What Ergonomic Features Should Be Considered? 

The best computer chair is going to come with a few ergonomic features that can help to increase the levels of support that are received. Without good ergonomic supports, the human body can’t thrive in the average business environment. Here are the primary considerations you’ll want to examine when shopping for a new computer chair.

  • Height adaptability. Computer chairs should be able to sit in such a way that your feet can be placed flat on the floor. It should also allow for enough space to allow for joystick controls, handheld controllers, and all of the typing and mouse use that you can handle.
  • Depth adjustability. Being able to tilt backward is an important component of the computer chair experience. This can help you to make sure your eyes are always at screen level no matter what it is you are doing.
  • Armrest adjustments. Your arms should be supported at the proper height so a straight line from shoulder through forearm to the device being controlled is achieved. For desk use, the arms should be able to be adjusted to the height of the desk.
  • Lumbar supports. Your back has a natural curve to it, which should be supported. The best computer chair will let your back keep its natural positions while giving support to sensitive points that tend to cause pain. 

The best computer chair will provide you with the features you need so that you receive the supports that you want. Great chairs can lessen the risk of repetitive task injuries from occurring, so be sure to find one with the adjustable ergonomic features that work with your body. 

The Best Computer Chair Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing 

The looks of the computer chair are almost as important as its features. People work harder and provide more productivity in environments where they are comfortable. Having items that seem to clash or aren’t complimentary can create a distracting unease that makes it difficult to work. There are a wide variety of computer chairs available today that can compliment virtually any office, but each has certain design aspects to consider.

If you have a carpeted floor, for example, you’ll either want to look for a chair that has carpet-compatibly wheels or may not have wheels at all. A third option would be to place a carpet guard down on the floor to protect the carpet. Executive chairs are often a great choice thanks to their soft leather and long-term durability, but might not be right if you have cats as pets.

The bottom line is this: your computer chair should be able to compliment your style. You’re going to be spending more than 8 hours per day, on average, in this chair. It needs to be comfortable so that you can get the stuff done that you need to get done.

What Are the Prices of the Best Computer Chairs? 

If you’re shopping on Amazon for the best computer chair, you’re going to find a number of different styles that incorporate a wide range of different features. Basic computer chairs that just go up and down and provide little in support can be found for less than $20 at times. An executive computer chair made from leather and with numerous ergonomic features could be priced well above $1,000. That’s why knowing what your needs happen to be before the shopping process starts is so important.

Keep in mind that you will likely need to put together your office chair once it arrives. Most chairs are pretty basic and come with all of the tools and fasteners needed, but it may take 30-90 minutes to complete the assembly. Don’t expect to use the chair straight from the box.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

Space 5560

It’s hard not to like this slim profile computer chair. It has built-in lumbar supports that will help most people experience a reduction in back pain. There’s also a tilt mechanism built into the chair that helps to adjust where the back supports are placed. The wheels are great for using on carpet, though beware that wear patterns may still develop. The mesh back will stop that icky, sweaty feeling from developing on a long and productive session. It’s an extremely comfortable chair at a solid price. We highly recommend it.

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Alera Swivel Task Chair

This computer chair doesn’t have arms, so it isn’t going to be for everyone. It does, however, have a contoured seat that is remarkably comfortable. The back provides some extra support as well. The rotation of the chair and its casters are smooth and easy to utilize so that everything can be within an arm’s reach. The acrylic upholstery could use a bit of an update, but it is easy to clean and the chair can accommodate several different body types. Though there are a couple of design issues, overall this is a great computer chair.

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Boss Leather Posture

This is more of a task chair than a computer chair, but don’t let the simplicity of its design fool you. The waterfall seat and built-in supports will keep you nice and comfortable. It’s made from Leather Plus, so the chair remains soft and it’s easy to clean with just soap and water. If you are playing games with your friends and need some extra space, this chair will do the trick. It holds up to 250 pounds and goes up to 24 inches in height, providing a supportive experience for a fair price.

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Hon Basyx

This computer chair has a unique sandwich mesh upholstery that is perfect for extended sessions at the computer. The frame is incredibly sturdy and the height adjustments for the seat will get you to where you need to be. It is designed as a task chair in many ways, but the design elements provide a higher level of support than the average task chair can provide. You can find excellence without having to spend a lot of money for it, so consider this office chair if you’re trying to compromise between quality and value.

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Merax High-Back Ergonomic Chair

This unique computer chair is inspired with a race car design, so it is visually impressive. Sitting in it for the first time will be equally impressive. The large backrest gives users support for the whole back instead of just the traditional lumbar supports. Armrest angles can be adjusted as well for this executive computer chair. Mesh fabric is combined with a faux leather product for increased durability and easy care. Some might find the angle of the back to be a little bothersome, but overall this is a great chair at a great price.

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The best computer chair will help you work and play at the highest of levels. Use this guide and select the best computer chair reviews today to find the best possible item and you’ll be able to have a supportive, relaxed experience every single time