A computer desk is an essential component of every office. It’s design can either help someone’s productivity or it can hinder it. In order to choose the best computer desk possible, there are a number of factors that must be considered in regards to your specific needs. This guide will help consider all of the possibilities.

The Best Chart for Computer Desks

Some computer desks are perfect for a PC. Others are more suited to laptop use. Some come fully assembled while others need extensive assembly. The chart below will help you find the right design with the best features at a great price.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Techni Mobili Juvenile MDF Compact Computer Desk4.5$$$
Techni Mobili L-shaped Glass Computer Desk4.5$$$$$+
Coaster Contemporary Computer Workstation Office Desk4.4$$
Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk in Cinnamon Cherry4.3$$$
Coaster Peel Black Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray4.2$$$$$
Comfort Products Regallo Expandable "L" Computer Desk4.0$$$$$
Comfort Products Stanton Computer Desk with Pullout Keyboard Tray4.0$$
Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard4.6$$$$$+
Flash Furniture High Profile Desk4.3$$$
Space Saver Computer L Desk4.7$$$$$+

The Best Computer Desk vs. the Best Laptop Desk

The first thing that must be considered when shopping for the best computer desk to meet your needs is to consider the actual computer the desk will support. Is it going to be a desktop-style computer? Or is it going to be a laptop? Computer desks that are designed to support PCs tend to be a little taller and sturdier because they need to support the computer tower. It will have cabinets, shelving, and pull out platforms for your peripherals.

Laptop desks, on the other hand, tend to be a little more compact in their design. They can fit into smaller spaces and may have some unique features that help to support the laptop and your peripherals. Charging stations are often built into the modern laptop desk for smartphones and tablets. Better cord routing tends to happen as well. On the down side, there is often less storage space available.

This doesn’t mean a laptop can’t work on a PC computer desk or vice-versa. It just means that the cohesiveness of the user experience changes if a laptop is being used on a PC desk.

Factory Assembled Computer Desks vs. Some Assembly Required

When shopping online for the best computer desk, most of your options are going to require at least some level of assembly. You may even need to put together the entire desk with the included hardware. These desks tend to be a little cheaper and heavier because they’re constructed from pressed boards if made from wood. Glass and metal options tend to be more readily available when some assembly is required as well.

It is important to note that “heaviness” doesn’t always equate to “sturdiness.” Computer desks that come fully assembled upon delivery tend to be of an overall higher quality. They are ready to use immediately upon delivery and simply need to be moved into the room where it will be used. The issue with this style of computer desk is that they tend to be more expensive and moving them throughout a house can sometimes be quite difficult.

Configuration Matters For the Best Computer Desk

You’ll find with the best computer desk reviews that this furniture item can come in many different sizes and shapes. Some have an “L” configuration. Certain desks even have a “U” shape today. Sometimes the best computer desk might be a simple cart. For others, it might be a traditional ornate desk that offers a large, flat working surface.

If you know that you’ll need a lot of usable space, then the letter shaped desks tend to be a better choice. They can fit into virtually any room and offer space for drawers or other storage underneath them or through the use of a hutch. Multitasking is a lot easier with the letter shaped desks.

For those who have very little space, however, a compact computer desk might be the best option. Look for a desk that offers a wire management system and a keyboard tray at minimum so that some ergonomics can be put to use. The benefit here is a smaller overall space footprint. The disadvantage is that there isn’t as much working space for multitasking needs.

How Important Are Computer Desk Ergonomics?

The best computer desk is going to work with all of your other office supplies and furniture. Look for adjustable features that will help to limit repetition and the injuries that come from such actions. You’ll want a desk that can help keep things with easy reach, includes an elevated shelf to bring a screen up to eye level, and even offers an adjustable work surface. Not all desks have all of these features, so if you’re on a budget, you’ll need to prioritize the issues that are important to you.

Even if all you need is a corner desk, however, desk ergonomics can still come into play. Keep shelving or a hutch within easy reach of items that are used regularly. Standing up to reach something isn’t a bad idea because it can help the muscles to stretch out and reduce the chances of an injury. Don’t be fooled by their lightweight presence. Corner desks can meet the needs of many just like a large computer desk is able to do.

What Are the Prices of the Best Computer Desks?

When shopping on Amazon for the best computer desk, you’ll find that the prices are reflective of how many features are associated with the desk. Entry level computer desks tend to be priced at $150 or below. Some carts or low-profile desks may even be less than $100. The materials of these desks tends to be of a lower quality and it may not stand up well to daily wear and tear, but it does provide an immediate solution to the needs of a desk.

Executive desks or computer desks that are fully assembled may be priced above $1,000. This is especially true if there is a hutch involved, extra shelving, or other premium features. The good news is that there is typically a desk available that can meet your budgetary needs right now.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Techni Mobili Youth Desk

This laptop desk also has certain features that make it a good option for the kid’s room or even a dorm room where there is limited space. A pull out tray supports a keyboard while a side tray is strong enough to carry a printer. There’s enough space for your peripherals and a desktop tower can be stored on the floor underneath the desk. The steel frame is scratch resistant and the laminate veneer can resist those inevitable spills. It’s a value purchase, but one worth making.

Click here to check the price on Amazon and buy now.

Coaster Complimentary

This workstation could be the best computer desk for you for a number of reasons. First off is the price. It can be found on Amazon at times for right around $50. Although some assembly is required, this portable desk can move with your throughout your home or at work so you can always have a place to work. It’s strong enough to support a traditional PC, yet has the space and height requirements to accommodate a laptop if necessary. It easily handles a 22 inch monitor.

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Sauder Beginnings

This PC desk provides a combination of elegance and simplicity at a value price. It offers a slide out mouse and keyboard shelf and a dedicated area for your storage tower. A laptop could be used by some, but the height of the working surface makes this a little difficult. An elevated platform is perfect for a printer and there is shelving and storage for certain needs. The cherry finish can chip at times if your equipment gets hot, but otherwise this is a great little computer desk.

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Coaster Peel

This contemporary desk might just be the best computer desk for you. It offers clean lines and an attractive finish for a competitive price. You can also choose to include a computer stand and a file cabinet at an extra cost if you wish. The block design is nice and sturdy and stands just over 30 inches high. The size of the keyboard drawer is massive, but that can work against some users because the keyboard may want to slide around a bit. The finished ledge is a little uncomfortable, but overall the performance of this desk is pretty solid.

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Flash Furniture Criss Cross Cherry

Using curved wood and vibrant, modern lines, this computer desk can support up to a 40 inch monitor with ease. This makes it the perfect combination desk for those that stream movies, play video games, and use a computer for traditional tasks throughout the day. There is plenty of leg room underneath the desk and the cable management system is simple, yet effective. The keyboard tray is almost too large – you’ll want to find a way to keep your keyboard from sliding around. It’s a solid all-in-one solution that is even compact enough it can become a corner desk.

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The best computer desk is the one that meets your spacial and ergonomic needs. Use this guide as a reference when you shop for your next desk and be sure to go through our reviews so that you’ll know for certain that the desk you want will meet your needs.