You put in long hours at your desk. Sometimes you’re up working when everyone else is asleep. There are days when you spend more time with your office chair than you do anyone else, including your family. It is those moments when having the best executive office chair helping you out can turn a long stressful day into a long comfortable and productive today. Here’s how you can find the one that is best for you.

The Best Chart for Executive Chairs 

You’ve got a number of features and options that come with the modern executive office chair. You know what features you want in a new chair. The chart below will help you match up what you want with what each chair can provide.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Comfort Products]Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair with Adjustable Headrest4.0$$
Serta Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair4.2$$
Boss Office Products LeatherPlus Heavy Duty Double Plush Chair3.9$$
Flash Furniture High Back Traditional Tufted Leather Executive Office Chair4.3$$$$
Boss Wingback Traditional Chair3.9$$$
Boss High Back Leatherplus Executive Chair4.1$$$
Flash Furniture High Back Traditional Tufted Burgundy Leather Executive Office Chair4.2$$$$$
Viva Office High Back Office Chair3.9$$
Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller4.8$$$$$+
HON Pillow-Soft Wood Series Executive High-Back Chair3.9$$$$$

What To Expect From the Modern Executive Office Chair 

Most executive office chairs are going to be made from leather or a leather/synthetic blend. That’s because we all have a certain visual expectation of what these chairs should look like. An executive has more responsibilities, more hours at work, and more money because of it. A cheap looking executive chair becomes a reflection of the executive. Who would trust a cheap executive that buys a chair that will fall apart or wear out in a year or two?

Executive office chairs tend to have an enhanced level of body supports built into the design as well. The back rest of an executive chair should provide at least some level of lumbar support. The best chairs have adjustable back supports that can be maneuvered into place so specific needs can be met.

They should also be adjustable so that different body types can all be supported appropriately by the chair. From the body to the thighs to your feet, every inch of the body should have some kind of beneficial support taking pressure off of it. Don’t forget about the armrests, which are also adjustable on many executive models today.

Why Choose an Executive Office Chair Today? 

You’ve planned out your home office carefully. Your business strategy has been implemented and success is expected. An executive office chair is the final touch in this process because it has the best chance to promote great work habits that will increase overall productivity. Comfort and adjustability are important features to evaluate, but so is mobility. How your chair moves becomes how you will move in the office environment.

How are executive office chairs mobile? There are three primary areas to examine when looking at reviews on the modern executive chair.

  • An executive office chair should swivel 360 degrees in a smooth manner. Any squeaking, resistance, or other issues that prevent this from happening can reduce the productivity levels workers experience while at their desk.
  • Tilting/Reclining. Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back and think about something. At other times, you’ve got to sit up straight and have proper posture so a job gets done effectively. A chair that can tilt or recline in the way that is needed will be a tremendous asset to the office environment.
  • Base Supports. Most executive office chairs have a standard 5 point caster design to help the chair move about the office. Some designs have 6 points instead of five. The wheels should move without resistance and the base should be designed for the flooring in the office. Not every set of casters works well with carpet or hard floors. 

With all of these advantages combined, it is easy to see how the investment into a supportive executive office chair is money that can be well spent. 

How Can I Find the Best Executive Office Chair For Me? 

Reviews. Online reviews are the best tool to use when searching for a high quality executive office chair that fits within your budget. User reviews and comprehensive evaluation reviews like ours can be combined to let you know how a chair can be expected to perform. You’ll be able to look at longevity, durability, and comfort while comparing them to the chair’s features to discover a great chair at a great price.

You’ll also want to sort by materials. For those on a budget, the leather/synthetic blends tend to be a more affordable office chair that still provides the expected look and feel of an executive’s chair. Watch for ergonomic features that are included so that you can get the supports that will meet your specific needs with ease.

What Are the Prices of Executive Chairs Today? 

High quality executive office chairs will typically cost about $1,000 right now. That’s even true when shopping online for a new chair on sites like Amazon. Chairs at this price have multiple levels of adjustable supports, are typically made of leather, and have long-term warranties on the pneumatic systems the chair contains.

For those who can’t spend $1,000 on an executive office chair, there are affordable options in the $200 range that can still provide a lot of comfort. They may not be as durable as the premium models, but with the right information, a very supportive chair can be found.

Most people are going to expect to spend $500-$650 on an executive office chair and find something that meets their needs.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

Boss Wingback

This chair is the epitome of what an executive office chair should look like. We love the aesthetics of the traditional tufted styling and the mahogany finish is just perfect. Pneumatics lift the seat up to the proper height and the brass nails that are applied to the finish are done by hand for a classy final touch. The arms are about 28 inches high, however, so this chair isn’t going to work with every desk. It also doesn’t have any ergonomics built into it, so not every user will find this chair supportive. If you want the look and feel of high class without the price, however, this executive chair is a great option.

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Hon Executive

This executive office chair brings memory foam into the equation so the chair can adapt to you instead of the other way around. There is a pronounced level of lumbar supports added to this chair and it will bring relief to muscle tension and pain right away. The cushions are tufted for superior comforted and we really loved the look and feel of the laminated hardwood arms. The base is made from steel, but have hardwood caps that fill out the stunning look of this chair. You’re going to want this one.

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Herman Miller Aeron

If you really want to have better ergonomics for those long hours at the office, then this chair is the benchmark of what an executive office chair should be. It comes with PostureFit for added customization. It actually contains every available added feature that is provided by Herman Miller for their office furniture. The arm support in this executive model is the best we’ve ever seen. It may be difficult to justify the cost of this chair in the short-term, but look at it this way: you’ll likely never have to purchase another office chair again.

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Flash Furniture Leather Executive

This beautiful burgundy executive office chair is one of the most comfortable you’ll ever experience. It’s the traditional button tufted design with the inclusion of a headrest and extensive padding throughout. At 27 inches wide, it will accommodate even some big and tall frames while the high back design provides the needed supports where they are needed most. The arms are built like a modern office chair so there won’t be many desk compatibility issues. We just wish the casters were metal instead of plastic.

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Serta Big & Tall Executive

At this price point, this executive office chair might just be the best combination of value and price that exists in the market today. It offers fully adjustable lumbar supports that are hidden beneath a ridiculously comfortable set of ergo-layered body pillows. The waterfall design of the cushion is pronounced and helps stop the feelings of fatigue that tend to develop in the legs. It supports up to 350 pounds and offers a commercial grade base that will let you get almost any task completed.

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The best executive office chair is waiting for you right now. Whether you want the traditional experience or something more modern or supportive, there are plenty of options available to you today. Use these reviews, find the right features, and you’ll have an amazing sitting experience in your new chair.