We all need them, but not all of us have them. We use them every day, even when we don’t realize we are. When they’re not around, we know it, but when they are around, we take them for granted. The best home office chair can help you to pay your bills, run a side business, or even double as a gaming chair when there are some bad guys to defeat. Finding the right one can sometimes be a tricky business. This guide has been designed to help make that decision a little easier.

The Best Chart for Home Office Chairs

Your home office chair needs to be durable and dependable. Some chairs are able to make the grade. Others try, but come up just a bit short. The chart below will help you match up your needs with the quality features each office chair provides so you can get the results you need.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Space Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back with Black Eco Leather Seat4.4$$$
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair with Leather Seat and Nylon Base4.3$$
Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair4.1$
Merax Mesh Adjustable Home Desk Chair Office Chair4.1$
Boss Grey Fabric Deluxe Posture Chair4.3$
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Designer White Leather Executive Office Chair4.1$$$
Boss Modern Office Chair4.4$$$
Boss High-Back Multi-Tilter Office Chair with Adjustable Arms3.9$$$
Italmodern Bungie Low Back Office Chair4.7$$$$
Mesh Task Chair3.9$

Why Do I Need the Best Home Office Chair? 

All you need is a good home office chair and some organizational abilities to mix business with pleasure, right? Wrong. A home office chair doesn’t just have to stand up to the rigors of business use. It has to stand up to the curveballs your home environment throw at it. If you’ve got kids, then you’re undoubtedly going to have juice or milk on your office chair at some point. You probably eat a dinner or two in your office chair every month when busy.

The home office chair does more than just tackle your daily checklist. It is a place that you literally call home for awhile every day. For some, they spend more time in their home office chair than they do anywhere else in the world.

The best home office chair can help you tackle the hardest jobs with ease because you are supported and comfortable. That’s the advantage you need to find today.

What Are Some Common Problems With Home Office Chairs?

The issue that many people face with the average home office chair is that there are some assembly problems. Even if the chair itself comes with all of its parts and putting it together only takes a few minutes, over time those areas of self-assembly tend to become weak points. A screw might strip out and make the arm loose. The seat cushion might begin to flatten. Some upholstery can hold stains like you wouldn’t believe.

Most common problems can be solved with a quick turn of a wrench or a fabric-friendly stain remover – though leather might work better with mild soap and water. If there is a manufacturing defect or an error in craftsmanship, however, you’ll have to go to the warranty. Many chairs only offer a 1 year warranty. Some offer up to 12 years. Think about your usage patterns and then invest into a chair that makes sense.

If you have multiple people using the same chair, then the adjustment locations may also wear out prematurely over time. Constant height adjustments especially can create a chair where the pneumatics simply quit working. You can tell this has happened because when you sit in the chair, it sinks all the way down to the lowest height setting.

How Can I Find the Best Home Office Chair? 

In a word: reviews. Solid, honest reviews from people just like you are what drive sales for products in every industry. Home office chairs aren’t an exception to the rule. When you have information about how the chair operates, how comfortable it is, and how much support it provides, then you can get an idea of what it will be like to own the chair first-hand. That’s valuable information and why honest reviews are worth their weight in gold.

That’s what you’ll find here. We take a look at each chair to evaluate its strengths and its weaknesses. Then we provide you information about our observations and whether we’d recommend a specific chair to others. Sometimes home office chairs might only work for certain households. That doesn’t make it a bad chair – it just means it might not be right for you.

It’s also important to know the space where your home office chair is going to be. Some chairs are remarkably wide or deep and they just don’t work for the corner home office. Even if you have a whole room dedicated to be an office space, it is entirely possible for certain chairs to be more damaging than helpful. If you have carpet, for example, certain double caster wheels can leave tracks in your carpet that damage the padding underneath.

How Important Are Ergonomics In a Home Office Chair? 

Most people aren’t going to sit in their home office chair for the same amount of time they sit at work. For that reason, ergonomics tend to take a lower priority when shopping for a high quality chair. It shouldn’t be this way, however, because even a few moments of bad posture can lead to muscle strains and sprains.

Maybe you don’t need a fully adjustable lumbar support or a chair that raises to a height of 26 inches. That’s ok. Look for what you do need, like a way to prevent neck pain or a chair that lets you put your feet flat on the floor. Otherwise you’ll just be setting yourself up for bad posture in every other seating arrangement you have and that can limit your overall productivity.

What Are the Prices of Home Office Chairs Today?

You can find cheap chairs and you can find expensive chairs on Amazon today. The price range for good chairs tends to range from $100-$1,000 depending on the materials and design used in the creation of the chair. Most homes will find a great chair for about $150-$200. Leather chairs tend to be more expensive, while task chairs and stools tend to be the most affordable.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

Best Office Mesh Chair

If you’re on a budget and you’re tired of your back hurting, then this compact little chair gives you a solid performance for a price that is nice. It swivels 360 degrees for multitasking needs and offers a mesh mid-back so your back doesn’t get sweaty. The padding is a little light in the seating area, but it’s still rather comfortable. At just 22 inches wide, it works for small desks. It would be nice if the back were adjustable, but overall we love the design of this chair at this price point.

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Euro Style Italmodern

This bungie-style home office chair at first glimpse looks like a piece of outdoor furniture. Then you begin to wonder if you could ever feel comfortable sitting on something that is made from bungie loops. When you sit in it for the first time, however, all of those doubtful questions begin to fade away. Now the bungie loops are going to become a little looser over time and for those who are in the 225-250 pound range, it can happen pretty rapidly. This chair has some uniqueness and longevity, but it probably isn’t right for the big and tall population.

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Office Star Task Chair

With just a single touch, you can adjust the height of this task chair to where you need it to be. It doesn’t have arms, but that makes it the perfect chair for the tiny corner or hallway office you may have. It still has a full circular swivel and you’ve got your choice of fabrics and designs so that you get the perfect splash of color you want. The nylon is easy to clean and resistant to stains as well. Overall this is a pretty great buy and a chair we really loved.

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Flash Furniture Leather Chair

It has a mesh back, a leather soft seat, and a whole lot of durability going on at this price point that you’re going to love. The arms of this chair are positioned at just the right height to be highly beneficial from an ergonomics perspective. Settle into the chair, start typing or paying your bills, and you won’t have to worry about the pains in your neck from your old chair any more. It will make you sit up straight and it’s going to support your back, so if that’s what you need, this chair will provide it for you.

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Boss High Back Multi Tilter

This office chair has been designed to maximize your comfort in every way possible. It has a classic waterfall seat design that helps to take some of the pressure off of your legs. The whole back gets supported and there’s a little extra lumbar support to boot. You can adjust the back supports if you wish, change the tilt tension, and even change the angle of the back if you wish. Sit down, make yourself comfortable, and you’ll wind up with a great home office chair at a great price.

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The best home office chair is waiting for you right now. Evaluate your needs, compare them to the features of these fantastic chairs, and you’ll be able to sit down and get to work or play your favorite games without any trouble.