Some office chairs are plush and comfortable. Others are firm and make it feel like you’re sitting on some concrete blocks. How can there be such a difference in the quality of office chairs today? It’s simple. Quality materials make for a better sitting experience. To find the most comfortable office chair possible, there are several options that must be considered. This guide will help you do just that.

The Best Chart for the Most Comfortable Office Chair

Whether your comfort levels trend toward firm or soft, the best office chair for you will have certain features that make it stand out. The chart below will help you compare and contrast those features quickly and easily.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Viva Office High Back Office Chair4.0$$$$$
Flash Furniture High Back Massaging Leather Executive Office Chair3.9$$
H&L Office High Back Executive Office Chair4.1$$
Comfort Products Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair4.0$$$$
Boss Heavy Duty Double Plush Caressoftplus Chair3.9$$$
WorkSmart Faux Leather Manager's Chair with Padded Arms4.3$$
Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair3.8$$$
Serta Back in Motion Mid-Back Office Chair3.8$$$
Merax High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair4.0$$$
Viva Office Fully Adjustable Office Chair, High Back Bonded Leather3.8$$$$

What To Look For in the Most Comfortable Office Chair

The modern office chair has numerous components and features that must be evaluated to determine if it will be comfortable enough to meet your needs. Here are the most critical features to look for when examining the best office chair reviews today.

#1. Seat cushion quality is incredibly important. The comfort of your chair starts with a high quality cushion. Memory foam is often the recommended cushion, but any high density foam or material that is durable will work. Look for a waterfall design that comes up and underneath your legs to provide them with more overall support. 

#2. The lumbar supports of a chair are also a critical component. Many of the painful joints and muscle tension issues that people face today from prolonged sitting come from improper lumbar supports in their office chair. There are numerous ways to address support for the lower back, but most chairs just incorporate a curved design. If you’ve already got a great office chair, consider a support attachment instead to improve the comfort of your daily sitting needs. 

#3. Don’t ignore the base of the chair. The modern office chair requires a sturdy base with strong pneumatics for height adjustments. If you’ve ever sat in a chair and felt it decompress on you, sinking down to the floor, then you know why this is a top issue in finding the most comfortable office chair possible. If you have to constantly adjust the height of your chair, you’re not going to be very comfortable or productive. 

#4. The arm rests need to stand up strong. The most comfortable office chair needs to have arm rests with some unique features. Most of them will be padded and they should also be adjustable or fold up and down in some way. Some chairs have padding which is polyurethane- based while others use the same materials that happen to be in the cushion. Arm rest padding is less dense than the seat cushion, which means it will wear out faster. Look for strong stitching and reinforced materials for the best experience possible. 

#5. Leather isn’t always the answer to the most comfortable office chair. Executive office chairs might be bound in beautiful leather and look stunning, but that doesn’t always mean they are comfortable. There are leather/synthetic combinations that provide a softer experience and even some upholstered office chairs can be incredibly comfortable for a fraction of the price of an executive leather office chair. Consider all of your options with your budget before finalizing a decision on a leather-based chair. 

How To Find the Most Comfortable Office Chair 

Now that you know what key points to look for while shopping for your most comfortable office chair possible, it is time to locate it. Many people like to do the “try it and buy it” method while shopping for a chair. They’ll go down to their local office supply store, sit in the chairs that are on display, and then choose the most comfortable one out of the bunch.

There are 3 key problems with this shopping method.

  1. There is no guarantee that the office chair was put together properly in the first place.
  2. You have no idea how many people may have sat in any of the chairs before you tried them out.
  3. The display model may be different from the actual chair that gets brought home.

Thanks to the expansion of the internet, there is a better way. People have already purchased the chairs and discussed their experiences online. We’ve also put a number of these chairs to the test and discussed our experiences with them as well. By comparing all of this information to your needs and examining the strengths and weaknesses of each chair, you can know what models to buy without ever sitting in them because you have specific data about how each chair operates.

After all, which would you rather have? A comfortable chair that lasts for just a few months? Or a comfortable chair that meets your specific support needs and could last for several years? Most people would choose the latter, but the try it and buy it method tends to make people buy the first option when they need an office chair.

How To Prevent Comfortable Office Chairs From Wearing Out

Take a look at the weight tolerances of the office chair that you’re considering. A higher weight tolerance generally means lower wear and tear on the cushions of the chair over time, especially if you have a weight that is 200+ pounds. If you purchase an office chair that has a tolerance near your weight, it is going to wear out fast, especially in the cushion.

How you move in an office chair also matters. If you are constantly multi-tasking, swiveling, and moving around in your chair, then you’ll need a solid base to support you. Having a comfortable chair with a broken base is useless. Most bases are nylon-based today, but there are some metal bases that can be found online as well. Look for a strong finish on a metal base for added durability.

What Are the Prices of the Most Comfortable Office Chairs?

Most people are going to be able to find an office chair that meets their needs today on a site like Amazon for about $250. Some premium features can drive the cost of a chair up to near $1,000, while there are some budget friendly options that are comfortable around the $100 mark.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Viva Office High Back Chair

This bonded leather office chair has it all. It can even be turned into a recliner with an extendable foot rest that stores underneath the chair if you wish. The padded headrest provides some nice neck support while the back angle control will keep you working in comfort. The padded arms are nice and thing and will help you to stay as relaxed as possible while you stay productive. The nylon casters may be the one weak point of this chair, but overall it provides an awesome level of comfort.

Click here to check the price on Amazon and buy now.

Comfort Products Commodore II

This might just be the most solid office chair that you’ll find on the market today at this price point. It can hold up to 400 pounds on its sturdy frame and the heavy duty metal base offers dual casters that will keep you moving. It’s a surround support experience, letting you adjust tilt and tension quite easily. There’s also an automobile-inspired adjustable headrest that provides some added supports. Clad in bonded leather, we highly recommend you giving this office chair a test drive yourself.

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Boss Double Plus Caressoftplus Chair

With double cushions and reinforced lumbar supports, this comfortable office chair can easily support up to 350 pounds. It offers a wider and deeper seat as well so there is some space to move about. The spring tilt mechanism is nice and smooth and it has the typical tilt locking mechanism that most chairs have. It leans back pretty well, but the max height is about 22 inches and that could be problematic for some users. Keep an eye on your hydraulics to get the most out of this chair.

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Serta Wellness

There’s really nothing to say that is negative about this comfortable office chair. It offers a unique active lumbar system that pivots as you do so that you’re always supported. Instead of cushions, it would be more accurate to describe this chair as having pillows to sit on. The adjustable tension and locking system is pretty standard, but the nickel finish base is incredibly strong and will stand up to a lot of wear and tear. The arms sit independently like a captain’s chair and if you sit on this bonded leather beauty, you’ll feel like you can be in charge of anything. This is easily one of our favorite chairs of any price post.

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Merax High Back Ergonomic Chair

Inspired by racing seats, this comfortable office chair looks as good as it feels when you sit in it for the first time. There are numerous upgrades that can be found in this executive chair, including added lumbar supports and better arm positioning to prevent fatigue and stress. The size of the cushion is more extended than other models as well for added leg supports.

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The most comfortable office chair can be yours today for a surprisingly good price. Use this guide to help you select the perfect chair to meet your needs today and you’ll be able to work and relax in style.