Can a computer mouse be more ergonomic than the standardized design? You bet it can! With this guide, not only will you be able to find a better mouse to fit your needs, but you’ll find one that won’t put you at risk for an injury. Even though it may just be a navigational tool for many, it is still an integral part of the modern computing experience. The best ergonomic mouse can help you ore than you may even realize.

The Best Chart for Finding an Ergonomic Mouse 

You can find a computer mouse in just about every shape and size today. Some have buttons on the sides in addition to the 2 or 3 button top design. Others use rollers while some use lasers. The chart below will help you find the one mouse that is right for you.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse4.3$
SHARKK 5-Button 2.4G Wireless Vertical Optical Mouse4.3$
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse4.1$$
Etekcity Scroll Endurance Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse4.3$
Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 "Regular Size" Right Hand4.1$$$$$
3M Ergonomic Mouse4.0$$$
Kensington Pro Fit Full-Size Mouse USB4.0$
Etekcity® Scroll X1 Programmable USB Optical Gaming Mouse4.4$
Evoluent VM4S Vertical Mouse 44.3$$$$$
SHARKK Wireless High Precision Optical Mouse4.2$

Why Choose an Ergonomic Mouse? 

An ergonomic mouse isn’t just about the shape of the device. It must also be properly placed on a workstation in order to reduce injury risks. A mouse that is at the wrong angle or the wrong height can do a remarkable amount of damage in a short amount of time. All it takes is for one unexpected reach for an injury to the wrist, elbow, or shoulder to occur.

An ergonomic mouse should be placed directly in front of the body. This prevents the repetitive reach motions that could also lead to an injury. There should always be a straight line from the elbow to the mouse. If the forearm has to shift to reach it, then it isn’t properly placed.

When that is combined with the added styles of the modern ergonomic mouse, users discover that instead of having the thumb on the side of the mouse, they tend to have their thumb in an upward position. It is more reminiscent of a joystick than a mouse. Adjusting to this unique style can be difficult for some, cause more work errors, and eventually cause them to abandon a new mouse for the older problematic styles.

What Type of Ergonomic Mouse Could Be Right For You? 

There are several different types of ergonomic mice that are available today to help improve the position of the arm and wrist. You may need to try these out first to discover which one might be right to meet your needs.

  • The Angled Mouse. This is the design of the average ergonomic mouse. The device is shaped with an angle that places the hand in more of the classic “handshake” position. One side is typically angled more than the other, while some are sculpted to be dominant-hand fitted. There may be scrolling wheels and 2 or 3 buttons based on personal preferences.
  • The Foot Control Mouse. If your wrist is really bothering you and you aren’t successful with your non-dominant hand, then a foot control device can be highly beneficial.
  • Mouse Pens. Instead of a regular mouse, technology today allows users to move a cursor using a pen instead. This has its own set of ergonomic challenges, but overall the risks tend to be lower for injury because of the nature of how pens are used. 

You also have the option of completely eliminating the mouse, opting for voice recognition software, touchscreens, and track bars instead. There is no single correct answer to finding the right solution, which is why having access to the best ergonomic mouse reviews is so important to the shopping process. 

How Can I Find the Best Ergonomic Mouse For Me?

The best solution isn’t to have just one ergonomic mouse. Having several alternatives on-hand is the best case scenario because then you can give each muscle group a rest when needed. Outside of the ergonomic mouse that best fits your hand, there are these additional options to think about as well.

  • Trackballs. These come in various shapes and sizes just like a mouse. A ball is used to navigate that the whole hand can use and buttons like a mouse help to make selections. Some trackballs are even designed to be shaped like a mouse so the transition is rather seamless.
  • One Finger Mouse. Sometimes the issue is just hand positioning. This style of mouse helps users be able to better position their hands so that less stress is placed on sensitive areas. The controls are typically the same, making the user experience quick and painless.
  • Central Pointing Devices. Some touchpads and other navigation devices can replace a mouse by placing the device right in front of the user. This changes the muscle groups being used and reduces reach, which are both positives. The same repetitive motion can still cause an injury, however, which is why having an ergonomic mouse for support is beneficial as well. 

An ergonomic mouse may take some getting used to when it comes to productivity, but the benefits far outweigh the possible negative effects that may be experienced. There may be some production losses experienced right away, but that’s much better than experiencing a long-term production loss because of an injury that limits movement. 

What Are the Prices of the Best Ergonomic Mice Today? 

When shopping on Amazon and similar sites for an ergonomic mouse, you’ll find that there can be quite a difference in pricing. Entry level ergonomic mice can sometimes be found for less than $20. High quality mice, on the other hand, may have a price that is above $100. The amount of sculpting and design change tends to dictate how much consumers will be charged for the mouse. An angled mouse, for example, may not be as expensive as a mouse that has been dually sculpted.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

Sharkk 5 Button Mouse

This ergonomic mouse might come with a value price, but that doesn’t mean it has poor quality. It’s a rather steep angle on this mouse so that it fits better with the natural positioning of the hand. Optical tracking is included with the design and it provides smooth movements. The battery is long-lasting and it is completely wireless. It’s even compatible with virtually every operating system available today. If you’ve been thinking about an ergonomic mouse, this might just be the best one for you today.

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Microsoft Sculpt

If you don’t like the idea of a radically redesigned mouse, then the Sculpt is a great option for you. It features the same shape of a traditional mouse, but with a few improvements. There’s a place to rest the thumb. The tracking wheel has been placed off center for less reach. An included Windows button brings up the tiles you may need in an instant. Scrolling happens left and right in addition to up and down. It takes a little getting used to this design for sure, but once you do, you’ll love this mouse as much as we do.

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Kensington Pro Fit

Maybe a wireless mouse isn’t the right option for you. Desktops and some laptops benefit more from a wired mouse, especially if cost is a factor. At times priced less than $15, the Pro Fit from Kensington offers a slightly upgraded design from the standard mouse. With forward and back buttons included on the design and quick select options, this mouse is for right handed users only. We love how the soft rubber is comfortable and prevents fatigue.

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Evoluent Vertical Mouse

There’s no denying the fact that it takes a bit to get used to this mouse. Because it’s vertical, the hand is literally turned on its side when using this device. It has a three button primary design that is used, plus a scrolling wheel between the first and second buttons, but this device is also wired. It stands about 3 inches high and it wouldn’t surprise us if you found that the mouse seemed a little too big for your hand the first few times it is used. You might want to consider getting a wrist rest for this one to prevent other injuries.

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Etekcity Endurance Vertical Mouse

This wired mouse looks like it got beamed down from the future. It’s a combination of a vertical mouse and a joystick, especially with the two thumb buttons that can be used for internet navigation. A 1 year warranty protects the high resolution optical sensor and the DPI can be adjusted up to 1600 if necessary. It’s compact and easy to carry and includes a wrist rest feature for added comfort. It might take some practice to use this device, but once you get used to it, we think that you’re going to love – especially considering its price point.

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The best ergonomic mouse reviews can help you find the right equipment at the right price. Use this guide to select the best mouse that can meet your needs. Not only will you limit your risks for injury, but you’ll also start feeling less fatigue and pain in the process.