There are numerous studies and countless statistics, which prove that ergonomic office chairs are something that every employer should consider. This guide will help to not only show you why these chairs are so important today, but how solutions can be found for a very affordable price. The best ergonomic office chair reviews are right here.

The Best Chart For Ergonomic Office Chairs 

Maybe you don’t need a guide. Maybe you just want to find a great chair at a great price right now. The chart below will help you do just that.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair4.1$$
High Back Executive PU Leather Ergonomic Office Desk Computer Chair4.2$$
Aeron Chair by Herman Miller4.1$$$$$+
Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair4.3$$$$
Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi Swivel chair4.1$$$$$+
Serta Back in Motion Health and Wellness Mid-Back Office Chair3.8$$$$$
Flash Furniture High-Back Mesh Chair with Nylon Base4.2$$$
Leaders Executive Office Chair4.5$$$$$+
Ergonomic Leather Office Executive Chair Computer Hydraulic4.1$$
Flash Furniture High Back Black Microfiber Upholstered Contemporary Office Chair3.9$$$

Why Are Ergonomic Office Chairs Needed? 

There are two words to describe the need for ergonomic office chairs in the modern workplace: lumbar support. Think of your spinal column as a unique fingerprint that helps to identify who you really are. There are differences in length and curvature, which affect everyone. It even stretches and compresses based on personal activities by as much as 1 inch every day. The best ergonomic office chairs help to support this natural process.

Most chairs have a minimum amount of support. They provide a fixed area of support that is curved to help the lower back, but unfortunately not every person can make these chairs work for them. That’s why one of these additional options may need to be considered for your workplace.

  • Single axis support. On these office chairs, the seat curvature for the lower back can be adjusted in at least one direction. It basically means that the lumbar support can move up or down just as the height of the chair can be adjusted.
  • Dual axis support. This design is usually the best combination of value and support. It can be adjusted in two directions, allowing for a greater depth to be created within the curve of the spine for higher levels of support.
  • Asymmetric support. This is the best ergonomic office chair design, but it is also the most expensive. Supports can be adjusted in any direction for a custom fit, allowing the chair to meet the needs of almost everyone. 

Interestingly enough, most people actually prefer more support on one side of their lower back when defining comfort. Look for a chair that can meet these individualized ergonomic needs and there’s a good chance productivity will enhance as a result. 

Why Is Arm Rest Support Crucial?

10% of your body weight comes from your arms. This means when they are dangling down more than they should, a tremendous amount of strain is placed upon the upper back and neck. If there are not any armrests in place, a person must physically support 10% of their weight through muscle exertion and that’s a recipe for a workplace injury to occur.

The best ergonomic office chair has armrests that are not only properly positioned, but highly adjustable to meet changing consumer needs. Adjustable armrests help to eliminate contact stress and when placed at a 90 degree angle to a working surface, can even help to support the elbow and wrist as well.

Armrests that do not adjust can still be useful, but they can create stress points on the arm’s vulnerable areas to eventually create an injury. The most damaging issue tends to be carpal tunnel syndrome. At the very least, a static arm rest will create soreness and fatigue after a prolonged session of work.

The Best Ergonomic Chairs Even Help With Perching 

What is perching? It is the tendency of a worker to sit at the very edge of their office chair as they are working. This is often done when they need to constantly shift their weight due to the discomfort of the cushioning in their office chair. It may also be done unconsciously when certain job tasks need to be completed. When people are focused on something and excited, they naturally move to the edge of their seat.

The problem with this is that without proper posture, there are no supports in place to help someone who perches throughout the day. The end result is neck pain that can radiate down the spine or even trigger migraines in some individuals. There may also be eye strain issues involved. An office chair that has been equipped with a forward tilt can help to counter this issue because it promotes better posture while relieving pressure on the lower back.

How a seat reclines is also an important consideration. Many chairs come equipped with a standard single point pivot that moves the back of the chair down as the seat of the chair rises. A better option is called “synchronous tilt,” which moves the back of the chair down only. The issue with both design types is that it requires user strength to keep them in the reclined position. That’s why the 3-point pivot design will always be your best option.

What Are the Prices of the Best Ergonomic Chairs? 

When shopping for ergonomic chairs on sites like Amazon today, you’ll find that they tend to come at a premium price. Most chairs are priced about $100, even for a basic chair with minimal features. For an ergonomic chair that offers multiple adjustment points, it isn’t uncommon to find them priced in the $300-$500 range.

Which chair is right for you? If purchasing a basic ergonomic chair, you’ll need to know if it can fit your body type. If your spinal fingerprints don’t match up with the ergonomic curve of the chair, then you’ll potentially create more damage to your body than poor posture alone would create. For fully adjustable chairs that fit almost all body types, look at the weight restriction requirements and how the base has been constructed to get the best chair possible.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair

This affordable ergonomic office chair might offer a basic lower back curve for support, but it is remarkably comfortable for most body types. The back of the chair has a breathable mesh that enhances this comfort and the chair is able to swivel a full 360 degrees. The chair is 22 inches wide, helping it to fit into small office profiles, including some corner home office designs. The back is not adjustable, which may make it unsuitable for some users, but overall this is a good value for a fair price.

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Aeron by Herman Miller

This ergonomic office chair might be the best office chair that has ever been made to date. It is highly adjustable in every way, providing every use with a custom fit. The posture support is remarkable and the comfort level can best be defined as “ridiculously good.” A 12 year warranty protects your investment into this chair and it even includes the cylinders, casters, and all moving parts. As long as you’re under 6’3” and weigh less than 275 pounds, this is probably the chair you’re going to want if you’re able to afford it.

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Ergohuman by Eurotech

This ergonomic office chair offers full customization with a breathable mesh throughout the entire chair to enhance comfort. The tilt tension control is remarkable and the depth controls are very helpful when it comes to creating the specific supports you need. Added to the design of this office chair is an automotive-style headrest, which can help to ease some neck discomfort. The armrests are made from leather to add an additional level of durability. If you’re on the shorter side, this chair might not be right for you, but overall it’s sturdy and it’s comfortable.

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Flash Furniture High Back Mesh Chair

This ergonomic office chair is for those who are looking for value and comfort in a solid combination. The back is made from a breathable mesh, while the seat itself is composed of fire retardant foam. The arms are adjustable and highly padded, but may not stand up well to constant adjustments or rugged daily use. Heavier individuals may struggle to find some comfort with this chair after using it for a while, but otherwise this chair offers a solid user experience that is budget friendly.

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Leaders Executive

The design of this ergonomic office chair makes you take a second look at it the first time you see it. It’s two piece back design doesn’t seem like it would be supportive at first, but then when you sit in the chair, your mind changes instantly. With several adjustable components and a more stable six-leg base, both components of the backrest are adjustable for that added pressure on one side that people like today. In warm weather, the synthetic leather gets a little sticky, but that’s really the only complaint on this amazing chair.

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The best ergonomic office chair reviews can help you find the perfect chair at the perfect price. Use this guide today to locate your preferred chair and give your body the support it deserves as you work every day.