Where should you place some added lumbar support? It’s a question we all tend to ask ourselves, even if we don’t realize we’re asking the question in this way. When sitting for long periods of time, the spine begins to get grumpy. It starts to send aches and pains throughout the body that can be a real pain in the neck. With the best lumbar support for office chairs, you won’t need to deal with that pain any longer. Here’s what you need to know.

The Best Chart for Office Chair Lumbar Support

Thee are a number of ways to include lumbar support with an office chair. Some chairs come equipped with this ergonomic option. Other products can be added to virtually any chair created today. The chart below will help you choose what is right for you.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Travelon Cool Mesh Back Support System4.2$$
ObusForme by Homedics Highback Backrest Support4.1$$$
Mesh Back Lumbar Support For Your Chair3.8$
Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac Lumbar Back Support Cushion3.9$
HoMedics Therapy Lumbar Cushion Support Pillow4.1$
Aeris Best Lumbar Pillow for Office Chair4.6$$
Love Home Memory Foam Mesh Lumbar Support4.3$$
Fellowes Professional Series Back Support4.1$$
Easy Posture Lumbar Back Support Mesh4.1$
Fellowes Heat and Soothe Back Support3.9$$

What To Discover in Lumbar Support For an Office Chair 

Many ergonomic office chairs have some form of lumbar support built into the design. Sometimes this support can be fully adjustable. At other times, the only adjustment that can be made is to move the chair up or down. Because the height of humans can change a lot from person to person, don’t be fooled into believing an office chair that says it is ergonomic can actually meet your lumbar support needs.

To find good supports, you’ll want to look for an office chair that provides lumbar support directly against the lower back. The chair should be flush with the targeted area. This will help to align the inward curve of the spine so that less pain and fatigue are felt with prolonged sitting. Add in proper posture and you should be able to eliminate problems from the hips, neck, shoulders, and knees as well.

It is important to remember that lumbar support doesn’t work all by itself. Discomfort will still be felt if the arms or legs are out of proper position. Make sure your feet are firmly flat on the floor and that there is a straight line from shoulder to keyboard through the forearm to limit problems. When you are able to maximize everything, then you’ll be able to minimize the potential for injury.

Is There Any DIY Lumbar Support Options?

If money is tight and purchasing even attachment lumbar supports to an existing chair is out of the question, then there are some do-it-yourself options that are available. Keep in mind that these solutions are only designed to be temporary. They can provide some short-term relief from bothersome physical symptoms, but only true ergonomic supports can provide long-term lumbar support relief.

  • Folded towels. You’ll need to have the towel reach the appropriate thickness level for support. Make sure there aren’t any lumps in the towel as you roll it up. You can then slip it behind your back as you are sitting for some relief. Using duct tape to secure the towel to the chair can make this a less temporary DIY option.
  • Pillows. Firm pillows that have a little give to them are the best option for lumbar support. They can also be slipped in behind the back for some relief. Consider using a memory foam pillow for the best results. You’ll need to adjust the pillow after getting up from the chair since there is no way to affix the pillow to the chair without altering its shape.
  • Clothing, Sheets, or Blankets. Anything that can provide flush supports to your lower back can help to relieve the physical symptoms that are being experienced. Just make sure that your back isn’t overly supported so that you create new problems while fixing the older ones. 

DIY lumbar supports might seem like a beneficial idea at first, but over time they can be problematic. Consistent wear and tear will cause them to wear out and this means you’ll be out a towel, a pillow, or something else. Finding the best lumbar support for office chairs often means an investment, but is one worth making when it can be afforded.

I Still Have Pain Even With My Lumbar Support

Lumbar supports may help to ease the pressure someone may be feeling on their lower back, but that doesn’t always mean that it takes away the pain. If you are sitting for almost the entire day because of your job responsibilities, then the best way to reduce pain levels isn’t to increase lumbar supports. It is to get up and stay active. Even premium lumbar supports can’t stop the muscle strains that occur from static sitting.

Instead of waiting for the 10-15 minute break every two hours, considered getting up to stretch twice per hour for a minute or two. Any movements, no matter how minimal they might be, can help to enhance the benefits of lumbar supports.

Why is this important? Research from NIOSH, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, shows that when lumbar supports are frequently used that back pain incidents are not reduced. With long-term use of supports throughout an 8 hour work day, the lower back becomes dependent on this support. When it isn’t present, it then becomes susceptible to injury. This doesn’t mean lumbar supports aren’t helpful. It just means that it must be one component of an ergonomic emphasis instead of the only point of emphasis.

How Much Do Office Chair Lumbar Supports Cost? 

If you’re looking for a true ergonomic office chair to meet your needs, then you may wind up paying $600-$1,000 or more for the chair that you want. On the other end of the spectrum, lumbar supports that can be added to an office chair can be found for less than $100. Most people can find the supports they need, even in a brand new office chair, for $300 or less.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say? 

Travelon Cool Mesh

This lumbar support straps to the back of virtually any office chair to give you the added supports you need for the lower back. If your office tends to be in your vehicle more than at a desk, the cool mesh can be strapped to your vehicle seat as well. An elastic strap slips around the back of the chair or seat can can then be adjusted up and down for comfort. It is a basic system in many ways, yet the benefits are pretty remarkable. It took just a couple of days to get rid of the neck pain being experienced. Highly recommended.

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ObusForme High Back Support

If you have a tall chair that has zero lumbar support, then this option presented by Homedics could be the right solution for you. It has a padded area of support for the lower back that is lightweight and effective. This support also encourages better overall posture, which helps to further decrease the amount of pressure felt on the back. It is 8 inches tall in total and includes a head and neck rest. It might not be for every chair, but it could be right for you.

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Duro-Med Relax-a-Back

This device can be used as either an insert or be strapped onto the office chair for added lumbar support. The contours might be a little generic in nature, but overall it tends to fit most body shapes. Made from a foam material, it is able to keep its shape even when there are higher levels of wear and tear being experienced. The cover that protects the foam is also machine washable. If you need more firmness, then a solid board can be insert into the support system as well. It’s a great price for an item that produces solid results.

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Love Home Memory Foam

This lumbar support conforms to your body, giving it one of the best lower back solutions that money can buy today. It is large enough to be used in wheelchairs, yet versatile enough to fit into most office chairs. This naturally produces better posture, although the memory foam does tend to wear out over time and provide fewer supports. The mesh fabric is useful to keep away sweat that can collect around the lower back and its strap system makes it highly portable. You’ll love the instant relief of this product.

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Fellows Heat and Soothe

What makes this lumbar support different? The fact that it includes the ability to add heat or cold to the support experience. The gel lumbar pack can be heated in the microwave for some soothing warmth as you sit or placed in the freezer and quickly chilled to provide the coolness of an icepack. The device itself is rather slim and the strap and buckle are highly adjustable, but some users may find that the necessary supports just aren’t there. For this price, however, it is definitely worth the risk of trying it out.

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The best lumbar support for office chairs will help you become more productive without feeling more pain in your lower back, spine, and neck. Consider all of these options today, use the reviews on this site to find the best possible product, and you’ll find that working the 9-5 grind isn’t as bad as it used to be.