After a long day of work, you stand up and feel your back muscles begin to rebel. You stretch them out and they feel a little better, but the pain is still present. Day after day this happens and it is getting worse. How can this problem be solved? By finding the best office chair for back pain that provides you with the specific supports that you need.

The Best Chart for Office Chairs That Relieve Back Pain

Some chairs are designed to relieve pain through ergonomics. Others are designed to relieve pain through better cushioning. By finding the right features at the right price, you’ll be able to find the best office chair for back pain relief today.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Viva Office Mesh High Back Office Chair3.8$$$
Merax High Back Mesh Office Chair4.0$
Serta 44186 Back in Motion Health and Wellness Mid-Back Office Chair, Black3.8$$$$
2xhome Professional PU Leather Tall and Big Ergonomic Office Chair3.9$$
Aeron Chair by Herman Miller with PostureFit4.1$$$$$+

Relax Your Back With These Quality Office Chairs

Sedentary work might be one of the most difficult jobs someone can have today. Not only does it make the mind feel like it is wading through a pile of sludge, but the pressure and pain on the spine can really take a tool. Over time, the discs of the back begin to compress and this can decrease the circulation levels being experienced. Pain and numbness can be the result, leading to something chronic conditions.

Then there’s the problem of repetitive motion. Any action that repeats itself within 30 seconds during a sedentary job increases the risk of an injury occurring. When an office chair promotes poor posture instead of good posture, this risk just increases more. The end result is a lot of neck pain, wrist pain, and back pain that is completely preventable.

Many times comfort becomes the leading feature that is looked at, but the fact remains that some ergonomic chairs for back pain can be a little uncomfortable at first. If you’re used to sitting with bad posture and you’re forced into a position of good posture, it can be just as painful as the back pain you’ve got going on right now. Over time, however, instead of getting worse, the issues tend to start getting better.

How To Pick an Office Chair For Back Pain

The first thing you’ll want to do is find an office chair that has an adjustable height. The #1 cause of back pain is because of an improper sitting stance for a prolonged period of time. Your feet should be flat on the ground and your hamstrings horizontal to the floor when you’re sitting. If the knees are higher than the hips, then hip and lower back pain is almost always the result. If the hamstrings are pointed toward the floor, then back pain happens as well.

You’ll also want to have an office chair which has some level of lumbar support. There are some quality products that can be added to an office chair to provide extra levels of support for the lower back, but a design incorporated with the chair tends to be the best option. If you can afford it, then look for chairs that offer adjustments on both sides of the back to receive the best results.

Then the comfort of the chair should be evaluated. Too much padding in a chair can be just as problematic as a chair that doesn’t have enough padding. A firm, supportive cushion provides the best results. Remember to have your arm rests be able to be parallel to the desk surface so that arm and wrist issues do not develop.

If you have any multitasking that needs to get done, then consider a chair that swivels as well. This will allow you to reach items on your desk without reaching for them and that limits injury risks as well.

Why Is an Office Chair For Back Pain So Important?

Here’s the sad fact of a sedentary job: those who work in them wind up sitting for most of their day. Think about it. After getting ready in the morning for work, you sit in your vehicle as you commute to your job. Once you get to work, you’re sitting at your desk for the better part of 8 hours. Then you commute home while sitting in your vehicle again. You sit down to eat dinner. You sit down to watch television. Then you go to bed and repeat the process.

Over time, this has a dramatic effect on the human body. Metabolism levels get slowed. Exercise intolerance may begin to develop. Back pain becomes worse and worse because of poor posture and long-term exposure to sitting. That’s why finding a chair that can better support you is so important. Relieving the pain is critical to a healthy life, but so is the encouragement to sit properly and become active from time to time.

Sometimes sitting all day is considered as unhealthy as smoking. The best office chair for back pain is just one small step you can take to improve your health.

What Are the Prices of Office Chairs for Back Pain?

Most of the best office chairs for back pain do not have a small price point. It is not uncommon to find chairs priced near the $1,000 mark on Amazon right now. These chairs can help to relieve back pain almost immediately, but not everyone can afford a chair at that premium price. There are budget-friendly options that are in the $100-$200 range, but they may not provide the same levels of benefit that the premium office chairs provide.

The cost of not having one of these chairs, however, may be a price that is too high to bear. That’s why finding the best office chair for back pain through these reviews could be something that literally saves your life.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Viva Office

We love this office chair because it provides a combination of mesh materials that keep the sitting experience comfortable. The design of the chair is quite contemporary and the ergonomics provide flush supports to the lower back without causing extra sweating. The lumbar supports are adjustable and the chair itself is wonderfully sturdy. We also really loved the tilt tension control since it allows for 3 distinct vertical experiences. It’s difficult to find another office chair for back pain with these features at this price point.

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Merax Gaming

This office chair also offers a mesh experience to reduce heat levels from extending seating. The lumbar supports are built into the chair, but they aren’t as adjustable as other chairs tend to be. It’s a comfortable enough experience and helps to take some of the pressure off the lower back. There are two tilt control settings for added comfort and the seat height adjustment is conveniently placed. It’s not a bad little chair if you’re watching your budget.

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Serta Motion Wellness

If you love how you feel after a night on a Serta mattress, then you’ll love how you feel after 8 hours in this office chair for back pain. It offers deep pillows that are layered for added firmness and support. It’s a push-button system of adjustments that makes it easier to create the perfect sitting experience. It’s a heavy duty chair that will let you sit down, relax, and the eco-friendly bonded leader is incredibly durable. We loved this chair and we think you will too.

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2xHome Professional Office Chair

There are two words that describe the first impression of this chair: tall and big. Maybe that’s 3 words, but what isn’t in doubt is the effectiveness of this chair in relieving back pain. Create the sitting experience that you want and then enjoy the thick padded seat and lumbar supports for hours on end. The arm rests are also nicely padded, though the arm padding tends to wear out with daily use over time. The weight limit of about 200 pounds could be problematic for some users, however, so think of tall and big in visual size and not actually supports.

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Aeron by Herman Miller

It’s the best chair for back pain on the market today. There is no question about it. The premium price point is going to drive some users away, yet if you can afford this chair, then get it. Not only do you get a 12 year warranty on this office chair, but the mesh fabric provides a unique look and feel that can’t be had from other office chairs. It offers a full range of adjustable options so that you can be as comfortable as possible. It does require some assembly, but most people will get it done in 15 minutes or less. Seriously. You’ll want this chair.

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The best office chair for back pain will help you to work longer, play games harder, and do so in a supportive way. You shouldn’t have to suffer because you have to work. These office chairs will help to eliminate the pain and encourage better posture so that you can be as creative and productive as you need to be.